Visit to the Yusupov Palace. This sumptuous palace on the bank of the Moika River belonged to the Yusupov princes, the richest and most aristocratic family in Russia. You will be impressed with its decorations: frescoes, marble, stucco mouldings, reliefs, Venetian mirrors, gold chandeliers, sets, lovely furniture, soft silks, carpets, and much more. A visit to this palace will allow you a glimpse into the luxury and wealth of the noble families in pre-revolutionary times. The palace even has its own theater with seating for 180 people where the most famous artists of the time gave private performances for the family and its guests. It was in this palace that Grigory Rasputin, favorite of Tsar Nicolas II and his wife, was killed in December 1916.

Visit to the rooms in the Yusupov Palace where Rasputin was assassinated. The Siberian monk Grigory Rasputin came to St. Petersburg in 1903, having travelled throughout Russia, Greece, and the Holy Land. Once in the imperial capital, he quickly gained influence in the Tsar’s family thanks to his supposed remedial power as demonstrated on Tsarevich Alexey, who was a haemophiliac. Jealous of the sway he held with the Tsar, Felix Yusupov and other eminent courtyard noblemen killed him inside the Yusupov Palace. We will visit the rooms where these events took place and see an exhibition devoted to the amazing story of his life and death.