Boundless space, virgin nature – a mythic land

Haven’t we all dreamed at least once about taking a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway? This adventure has always been associated with Michel Strogoff’s journey as the Courier of the Tsar in Jules Verne’s novel. Even today, in the high-tech era, the route continues to be considered an extraordinary adventure.

A trip across space and time that takes the traveler deep into the Asian continent, the Trans-Siberian has, for more than one century, been the symbol of the extreme: inaccessible territories, intense colds, tragic stories… It is also the picture of travel, a journey crossing half the earth where, day after day, the unique landscape rolls by the window, including the most beautiful cities of Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, and China. Time zones fly by, endless plains stretch past the horizon, mountains thrust towards pure, blue skies, the biggest rivers on earth wash past, and the beauty of Lake Baikal opens before our eyes.