Rostov Veliky

Rostov, known as the “stone symphony”, is a charming medieval town whose countless domes are reflected in the water of Nero Lake. It is one of the most ancient Russian cities, having been founded by the Meryans, a Finnish tribe, and it reached its peak between the 11th and the 13th centuries as a main trade hub along the Volga basin. It is one of the cities of the Golden Ring and an official candidate for inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to its numerous and fascinating churches and monasteries, along with its fabulous kremlin, considered second only to the Moscow Kremlin in all of Russia.

Panoramic tour of Rostov Veliky. The city is a true architectural gem. In its center we will find the Zachatyevsky Cathedral, whose stunning interiors were decorated with frescoes by 17th century Yaroslavl masters, and the Church of St. Isidore the Blessed, built in 1565. The most important sights are situated next to beautiful Nero Lake, including the Spasso-Yakovlevsky Monastery, dated 1688; neoclassical Dmitriev Cathedral; and the nearby Church of Our Saviour on the Sands. At the city’s other extreme, though still on the banks of the lake, lies the Abraham Monastery, one of the oldest in Russia. It is home to the Epiphany Cathedral, built by Ivan the Terrible in 1553 to celebrate his victory over the Tartars in Kazan. Between the two monasteries stands the majestic Kremlin.

Visit to the Rostov Veliky Kremlin. Considered to be the most beautiful in Russia excepting only the Moscow Kremlin, it is protected by high walls and fortified with 11 towers. The kremlin is made up of three parts: Cathedral Square, the Bishop’s Court, and the Metropolitan Garden. In Cathedral Square we will bask in the imposing Cathedral of the Assumption, built between the 12th and the 16th centuries. Its steeple is the most famous in Russia, and each of its 15 bells boasts its own name. The biggest of them weighs 32 tons and required a second parallel tower to support it. Numerous unsurpassingly beautiful buildings stretch between the kremlin and the lake, among which  the Church of Saint-Ioan the Theologian is particularly attention-grabbing. The kremlin of Rostov Veliky is a deserved candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage list