This small, charming town is located in the so-called “Switzerland of the Volga.” Founded in the 12th century, its peaceful atmosphere, pretty landscapes, and the majestic Volga running between the hills have drawn numerous painters in search of inspiration, including Repin, Shaliapin, Vassiliev, and Savrassov. Undoubtedly, the town’s most devoted visitor was Levitan, whose best work was painted in his small house on the banks of the Volga. That house has been turned into a museum dedicated to his work here and, along with the many churches scattered around the town, can be easily discovered simply by strolling along the cobbled streets.

Panoramic walking tour around Plyos. During our short walk we will be able to see most of the main sights of this beautiful town on the Volga River, including some well-known architectural masterpieces such as the Church of the Resurrection of Christ (1817), Trinity Church (1808), Vedenskaya Church (1828), the charming wooden Resurrection Church (1699), and the main Assumption Cathedral (1699).