Excursion to Peterhof and visit to the Grand Palace and its park. Peterhof, rightfully called the “Russian Versailles”, and in former days “Petrodvorets”, was the main summer residence of the tsars. Located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland near the sea and about 30 kilometres from St. Petersburg, it is undoubtedly one of the main centres of interest of the former tsar’s capital. Construction on the Grand Palace was initiated under the reign of Peter I as his summer residence, designed by the French architect Leblond, and was continued afterwards by the Rococo master, Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Its main attractions are the monumental Ceremonial Staircase, the luxuriously gilded Ball Room and the private rooms of Peter I, such as the Oak Studio and the Throne Room. Even considering the magnificent interiors of the Grand Palace, the main interest of the visit is the park, where many small palaces, monuments and pavilions are scattered throughout the beautiful gardens. Don’t miss its famous ensemble of 150 fountains and three cascades, decorated with splendid golden statues, as well as its amazing “water play” which will surprise you during your promenade in the park.