Visit to Museum-Panorama the Battle of Borodino. Borodino is a village situated west of Moscow on the site of the September 1812 battle between Napoleon’s Grande Armee and the defending Russian armies under the command of Kutuzov. With heavy losses on both sides (45000 Russian and 35000 French casualties) the outcome of the battle was uncertain, with the Russians forced to retreat and the French able to occupy Moscow but failing to pursue and annihilate the Russian armies, ultimately allowing the Russians to defeat Napoleon after a few months. One century later, the Russian authorities wanted to celebrate the jubilee of the battle and charged the painter Roubaud with the project of painting an immense panorama depicting the battle. It was inaugurated in 1912 in the center of Moscow, measuring 115 x 15 meters. The museum was then moved in 1962, on the 150th anniversary of the battle, to Poklonnaya Hill, next to Victory Park, where it stands today. It reopened to the public in 2012 after an extensive restoration in time to celebrate its 200th anniversary.