Visit to the Museum of Religious History. Since ancient times the soil of what is now Russian has being inhabited by various populations with differing origins, traditions, and religious beliefs. Among these are Buddhists, with influence in Siberia and also in some regions of European Russia such as Kalmikia, and Muslims, who form a majority in some regions of southern European Russia, for instance Tatarstan and certain regions of the Caucasus. But the most important is undoubtedly Orthodox Christianity, judging by the number of its believers and its prominent place in Russian history. This visit will inform you about the development and peculiarities of the most important religions in Russia, especially focusing on the place of the Russian Orthodox Church in the history of the country and its involvement in the culture and traditions of the Russian people. Visitors are acquainted with key historical events, including the baptism of Russia, dissidence within the Russian church, schisms in Russian Orthodoxy, and the election of Mikhail Romanov as Czar. We will discover the symbols and ceremonies used in Russian religious traditions and also visit the Silver Chamber, home to many precious objects belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church.