Visit to the Museum of Political History. The museum is situated in an elegant building which was home to Mathilde Kschessinskaya, one of the best ballet dancers in history. A prima ballerina assoluta at Mariinsky Theatre, her beauty and magnetism are legendary. She became the mistress of Tsar Nicholas II before he was crowned emperor and other prominent members of the imperial family. From the balcony of this house Lenin addressed the crowds when he came back to Russia from exile in 1917 to start the revolution, after which it quickly became a revolutionary center and hotspot of political agitation as the headquarters of the Bolsheviks in the Russian capital. During the communist period it became the Museum of the Revolution until the fall of the soviet regime. Now it displays more than 500,000 pieces related to the political history of Russia, including decrees of Napoleon and correspondence of Mikhail Gorbachov, though most are directly related to the Russian Revolution.