Visit to Lenin’s Mausoleum. The mausoleum was erected in 1924 on Red Square in Moscow directly outside the Kremlin walls, by order of the Soviet government after the death of Vladimir Ilich Ulianov, better known as Lenin, a communist politician and the main instigator of the Russian revolution. The architect Alexei Shchushev was charged with designing what turned out to be a somewhat small monument, though it still pulls some elements from ancient sepulchres, such as the Egyptian Zoser Pyramid and the Persian tomb of Cyrus the Great. The mausoleum has exhibited the embalmed body to the public ever since, with the exception of World War II, when the body was temporarily moved to Tyumen in Siberia in order to avoid its possible capture by German troops. Today many people are asking for a traditional burial of the body in a cemetery in St. Petersburg next to Lenin’s mother, in accordance with his will.