Lake Imandra

Lake Imandra is the second largest lake in the European Arctic region, and the largest in Russian Lapland. Its coastline draws capricious forms creating many bays, nooks, and islets. It has a maximum depth of 67 meters, 850 square km of surface and is located about 150 km south of Murmansk. Its waters are transparent and rich in fish.

Husky Sleigh Ride. We will visit the farm of the famous Russian “huskies”, specially trained and used to the harsh polar conditions. We can enjoy a ride (15 minutes) in a husky-drawn sledge on the frozen waters of Lake Imandra and then warm up with genuine Russian vodka, accompanied by the typical “zakuski”. There will be one passenger per sled, in addition to the “musher” or guide, who speaks Russian and sometimes English.

Russian “shashlik” barbecue and typical “banya” (Russian sauna) in a traditional wooden izba. Before or after our sleigh ride, we will enjoy a comforting “banya”, the Russian steam sauna, in a traditional log cabin. We will stimulate our blood circulation whipping ourselves with birch branches. After the “banya”, we will recover from our adventures with Russian barbecue on typical “shashlik” brochettes, watering it with the Russian drink par excellence: the refreshing “Mors” made of berry juice and with Authentic Russian vodka.

Stop at Apatity. Located between Lake Imandra and the Khibiny Mountains, Apatity owes its name to apatite, a mineral found in large concentrations in this region. It was founded in 1926 with only 7 inhabitants. But soon many “kulaks” arrived – former landowners dispossessed and persecuted during the communist revolution – and became the first settlers. Apatity experienced a population boom beginning in 1935 with the discovery of large mineral deposits and the development of mining. In 1966, it obtained the official status of the city. Apatity is the world’s first scientific center in the Arctic region. Located about 100 km north of the Arctic Circle, the city is home to important research institutions in various fields such as geophysics, mining, chemistry, economics, mathematics, mineral technology, polar botany, human development of the polar regions, etc. Today, with 55,000 inhabitants, Apatity is the second most populous city in the Murmansk region.