Visit to the Kremlin Armoury. The Armoury is the oldest and most important museum in the Kremlin. It is supposed to have been built in 1485, though the first record of it dates back to 1508. Its collections include the costumes used in the coronations of the tsars, made of the most expensive materials and encrusted with precious stones; the tsars’ carriages, cars, and harnessing made by the best artisans with the most glamorous materials; thrones encrusted with diamonds; and jewellery, tableware, and weapons belonging to the royal family. We will also admire the world-renowned Faberge Easter Eggs, as well as the most important item of the museum, the so-called “Crown of Monomachos:” the imperial crown of Russia, legend having it that it was a present from the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Monomachos. It has been used since 1547 during all the coronations of the tsars.