Klin is located in the Moscow region, 85 kilometers northwest of the capital on the road to Tver and St. Petersburg. The city was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1317 and was a part of the principality of Tver until its incorporation into the Grand Duchy of Moscow in 1482. Klin was severely damaged during the struggle between the German and Soviet armies during World War II, though thankfully some of the city monuments survived, such as the 16th century Dormition Church and the Resurrection Baroque Cathedral, which dates back to 1712. Tchaikovsky spent the last year of his life in Klin composing some of his major works, and his former home is today an open museum.

Visit to the Tchaikovsky House-Museum. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was seeking a place in a peaceful environment that would provide the calm he needed for its compositions. He chose Klin because of its beautiful natural landscape among forests, greens, and ponds, and also because its train station was on the main line between Moscow and St. Petersburg, permitting him to travel to both cities and eventually to easily entertain friends. It was here that he completed such masterpieces as Iolanta and the Nutcracker and wrote many others, the most outstanding being his famous 6th Symphony, also called the Pathetique. We will visit the different rooms of the house, including Tchaikovsky’s studio, and also wander the gardens that served as a great source of inspiration for his compositions.