Visit to Izmailovo. Located near Moscow, Izmailovo is famous for its huge flea market where you can buy not only cheap souvenirs, but also valuable articles made by the best craftsmen. In addition to the typical Russian dolls, jewels, Soviet era objects, and craftwork from around the whole country are available. The range of products and their varied origins are proof that we stand at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Several workshops offer the opportunity to try one’s hand at traditional jobs such as goldsmithery, pottery, and weaving. You can also admire many imitation buildings representing traditional Russian architecture made from wood and stone.

Visit to the Vodka Museum in Izmailovo including vodka tasting in order to get to know the history of this well-loved beverage in Russia – it is just as common to drink it during a marriage as it is to do so when celebrating a birth! It was even used as currency at the beginning of the 20th century. The principles of distillation will be detailed in order to understand how to produce this 80 proof alcohol (or at least the commercial version) that was even served to troops during World War II. Moreover, a part of the museum is dedicated to this tragic period. The visit is followed by a little vodka tasting.