Millenary art cities, the hidden Russian treasure

Cradle of Russia and witness to the most important events in Russian history, the Golden Ring is an ensemble of historical cities situated around Moscow and forming a ring to the northeast of the Russian capital. The ring is so named thanks to the golden color of the onion-shaped domes on the hundreds of churches and monasteries scattered throughout the region, which boasts the most rich and important artistic heritage in the country. An intersection of continents and cultures and furrowed by long rivers such as the Volga, trade between East and West enriched the Golden Ring cities. It was here that Russia was birthed as a nation, and it was here that the invasions of Mongols, Attars, Poles, and Lithuanians took place, identity-building conflicts from which Russia in the end always emerged victorious. These fortresses and cathedrals were witnesses to troubled times, fratricidal fights between nobles, boyars, peasants in arms, legitimate tsars, and pretenders to the throne. Discovering the Golden Ring and its beautiful towns far from the agitation of the big capitals is to delve deeply into Russia and its Slavic soul.