Excursion to the Golden Ring and visit to Vladimir and Suzdal. This day-long excursion will lead us out into the Russian countryside, far from the vanity of Moscow; an unforgettable trip through time to discover two magnificent cities of the Golden Ring. True cradles of Russia, origins of its history, and first-rate monumental treasures, both cities are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. We will begin with Vladimir: founded in 990 by Vladimir the Baptiser, father of Russian Orthodoxy, it was the capital of Russia until the Mongol invasion in 1238. After the panoramic city tour we will visit the Cathedral of the Assumption with frescoes made by Andrei Roublev, the Museum of Crystal, and the Golden Gates. We will have lunch at a traditional Russian restaurant, following which we will proceed to the neighbouring city of Suzdal, the ancient rival of Vladimir. Founded in 1024, it is considered a medieval Russian architectural masterpiece, a marvellous ensemble of 200 religious and secular monuments, with our trip including both its kremlin and the Monastery of Our Saviour. Suzdal has held onto its medieval character and style, letting visitors uncover the typical atmosphere of a small, natural Russian town, in contrast with big cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg.