Hot air balloon ride over the city

шарHave you ever thought about seeing St. Petersburg from a bird’s eye view? We suggest an unforgettable balloon ride over the city that will also take you over the neighboring parks and palaces. Let us launch you into the majestic world of hot air balloons to experience the sheer joy of the oldest and most romantic form of aviation. The incredible feeling of being suspended as the world quietly drifts past is one that you will never forget. It is a unique opportunity to take a fascinating air journey and amazing pictures while being delighted by the stunning panoramic sights of the northern capital.

Helicopter flight

helicopter-1Enjoy a flight on a helicopter over the marvelous landscape of St. Petersburg’s roofs and domes, hundreds of canals, and maze of islands, rivers, and bridges where the Neva meets the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. Because this is where cold and warm air masses meet, the weather frequently changes and it is sometimes cloudy and windy. Take to the skies to see this beautiful city that is alternately brightened by the sun and covered by the downy clouds that cast shadows on the ground, a natural decoration of the Northern Venice.

Jeep safari

джипRussia’s immense space, with its numerous cultural and natural monuments, favors organized off-road tours. These journeys can be either extreme or comparatively easy, without an exhausting physical load. For those who prefer off-road tours, adrenaline is more important than comfort! The majority of tours are organized between the end of spring and the middle of fall, although there are special winter tours available as well. Groups are divided into four person teams that Russian-made, modern 4×4 cross-country Chevrolet-Nivas take on an amazing journey along a specially created route that spans forests, crosses rivers, and climbs hills, with plenty of muddy ravines and green fields along the way, all in the pursuit of discovering the exceptional wild nature of Russia.

City tour on retro tram

tramThe tram is still considered to be the most typical form of transportation in the Northern Venice, with St. Petersburg even entering the Guinness Book of Records as having the longest stretch of tram tracks in the world. Old tramcars blend superbly into the “interior” of the city, with its bridges and palaces, and now you can even take a ride on one. This old tram is not only a means of transportation, but also a time machine in which you can admire brilliant St. Petersburg, immersed in the atmosphere of a different era altogether, back when our grandmothers and grandfathers were young.

Rails are laid through the heart of the city, and so the route starts on Vasilievsky Island’s Middle Prospect, crossing Tuchkov Bridge to go straight to the Peter and Paul Fortress, where you will see its marvelous golden spire (the highest architectural point in the city), then going round the Kronwerk you will come to Troitskaya Square, where the first church of the city was built and the State Museum of Political History of Russia and a beautiful mosque are located. Going along Troitsky Bridge, the most beautiful bridge in the city, the whole panorama of the Hermitage complex and Vasilievsky Island on one side and the Aurora and Summer Garden on the other will be laid out before you. The journey lasts one hour, finishing at Mars Field where you will see the eternal flame of the city and the cupolas of the Church of the Savior on Blood. As you enjoy the wonderful sights, music played by a folk ensemble will entertain you throughout your trip.

Icebreaker Krasin visit

красинBuilt in Great Britain in 1917, the Krasin had an eventful but difficult career. Originally named Svyatogor, after a mythical Russian warrior, the ship has lived up to this name in terms of its power and heroic deeds as the oldest line icebreaker and a legendary ship.

Many historical events are connected with the name Krasin: the exploration of the Artic and the North Sea route, the rescue of Umberto Nobilie’s expedition, polar convoys, ice steering for ships, and the provision of scientific research in the Artic. Its last trip was a circumnavigation finishing in 1943 that lasted 885 days.

The ship is now in St. Petersburg and represents the World Ocean Museum. Both the museum’s regular and temporary exhibitions are on display, while all its facilities, technical equipment, naval objects, photo documents, and artifacts of onboard life are a huge legacy to be discovered by visitors.

The visit can be extended with a caviar tasting, cocktails, and a concert by the Red Army Choir.