MiG flight

мигMiGs are known around the world for their unrivalled maneuvering capabilities, and we can provide you with the unique opportunity to actually test that reputation for yourself by flying the most renowned of the MiGs. Along with a Russian test pilot, you will fly from a top secret military air base, personally performing some of the most complicated aerobatics possible! A guide/interpreter will accompany you throughout the day as, guided by one of Russia’s top test pilots, you will take off with afterburners blazing, climb to the edge of space, fall breathless into a tail slide, and travel at more than twice the speed of sound.

Cold War Museum GO-42


After going down on a speed elevator to the depth of 65 meters (equals to the height of 22-stores building), you will find yourself inside one of the most restricted military objects of the USSR – Secured Command Post «Tagansky» (GO-42). Department for National Security of the USSR took the object under its strict control in order to provide round-the-clock communication for the leaders of the state in case of nuclear attack. Each day 2500 workers of this object supported the proper functioning of the telephone and telegraph communication with the country. In sixties this special object was fully equipped as nuclear attack sanctuary. With stocks of products, potable water and systems of air regeneration this post could sustain lives of approximately 5000 people for several months.

At the end of eighties the nuclear tension slowly subdued and consequently SCP «Tagansky» lost its crucial role for the country.Each excursion includes the unforgettable tour through the secret tunnels of an object. There you will have an exclusive opportunity to get familiar with soviet armament and communication facilities of the «Cold War» that will undoubtedly capture your attention. And in addition, you will watch an arresting movie on the «Cold War» that will leave none of you indifferent. You can participate in different team building activities which are regularly created by the museum.

Star City (Cosmonaut Training Center)


Situated 50 kilometers east of Moscow, Star City has been the main training center for Russian astronauts since the 60s. It is also where they live, often even after retirement. During Soviet times it was a secret location under military jurisdiction, not even being recorded on maps. For some years now, however, it has been run by Roscosmos, the federal space agency, under civil jurisdiction but still considered a closed city, only accessible to foreigners via a cumbersome security procedure and with a special permit. You will visit the technical area, where we will be introduced to astronauts in training, the conditions of life in orbit, and the history of the Russian space program. You will also have the opportunity to see the manned Soyuz spacecraft, which is currently used by all space crews to get to and from space. Afterwards you will visit the hydro-laboratory where the astronauts learn the techniques necessary to venture outside their spacecraft while on a spacewalk. You will then visit the unique CF-18 centrifuge, which is used to simulate the extraordinary gravitational changes experienced by astronauts when entering and exiting Earth’s atmosphere.

Star City (Museum of Cosmonautics)


Founded in 1967 at the behest of Yuri Gagarin, the museum is dedicated to the different steps of the conquest of space, from the legendary Vostok to the International Space Station. It has several unique objects and documents on hand, including the space suits worn by Gagarin and Korolev, their personal belongings, and the scientific instruments they had to use while in orbit. You will also have the opportunity to admire a life-sized reproduction of the MIR orbital station.

Star City (Conference with an astronaut)


You will set up a conference given by a real Russian astronaut who will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Star City (Space Odyssey program)


You will certainly remember this bright, original, and exciting event in the Star City. The uniqueness of this offer is that all program participants will not only theoretically get acquainted with the world of space, but will also experience what real astronauts feel during training at the Cosmonaut Training Center. The program includes a two hour excursion to the Cosmonaut Training Center, a conference with an astronaut, lunch, and an active teambuilding program. Dividing into small, four person groups you will train in space suits, have vestibular workouts (rotating on a vestibular seat and optokinetic drum), and prepare and taste space food. Part of the program will be held in the International Space Station simulator. After a review of the results you will receive a certificate from the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

Star City (Space suit and centrifuge training session)


You will be able to try on an extraordinary space suit, specially designed to withstand the extreme conditions born by astronauts. You can also experience those conditions yourself by testing the centrifuge, which reproduces the extraordinary accelerations and decelerations of gravity.